Sessions are arranged at regular times, on a weekly basis.
The insight obtained in therapy, will help you to better identify your needs and will give you a greater freedom and maturity when responding to difficult situations and indeed, everyday life.
Initial Consultations

​During the initial consultation, we will explore the nature of your difficulties and decide on the best treatment option. You will  have a chance to get to know me and to ask questions, without commitment to commence therapy.

Short Term Counselling 

Short term counselling is a time-limited therapeutic intervention, which covers up to 12 sessions. It takes into focus a specific problem and enables its exploration through emphasis on the current and past internal and interpersonal conflicts that impede change.

Long Term Therapy

Long term therapy is an open ended approach, particularly helpful for deeper seated problems. The duration depends on the severity of the difficulties and the therapy goals.


Initial Consultation: £60 / 50 minutes

Therapy Session: £60 / 50 minutes

Online Session: £60 /50 minutes


Sessions are arranged at regular times, on a weekly basis. I have daytime and evening availability. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an initial consultation.